Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The importance of Getting Back on Track

     Failure.  It's such an ugly word. Nothing can ruin your frame of mind like failure. We fear that others see us as failures.  We see ourselves as failures.  Our culture worships success.   Yet, for so many things, success is hard to define.   

    In dieting, success is weight loss.  But what if you are eating properly and exercising and still not losing weight?  Are you a failure?  What about when you overeat for a meal, or a day, or a week.  Are you a failure?  Failure to me is not overeating, but of giving up.  As long as I recognize what I am doing, and take steps to get back on track, I am succeeding.  Everyday is a new day to do things the right way.  Today I can have a good attitude, today I can make the right choices. God is a God of mercies and he gives them to me new every morning.  So, I think I can extend that mercy to myself, and start over, as often as necessary, to the glory of God. 

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