Thursday, February 25, 2016

Homemaking link up!

Still looking

I am still looking for that elusive, work-from-home job.   I tried selling Norwex, which I love.  I tried to sell Disney vacations, which I love.  I am not a good seller of things that I feel are a bit over-priced.   Not that they aren't great, they are. I just can't sell them.

I have an opportunity for a laundry business, but that doesn't really call out to me.  My piano lessons have gone well, but my student's desires have been fluctuating.  I would love to build up this business, but we'll have to see.

I found out this week that Arizona does have a cottage food industry law.  It means that if I register and get a food handler's card, I can make certain items to sell, in my home, without having to have an industrial kitchen. This is really interesting to me, as I have always wanted to do this.  Mom is going to help me refine her apple pie recipe since the law doesn't allow for cream pies.  My mom is a great Pie Cook. I have intentionally avoided pie-making because I always felt I could never reach her level of pie awesomeness. I am also considering making and selling granola, cookies and the like.

So I am praying about it.  Won't have to invest much. That means I can start slow, and if the Lord leads, grow the business.  The Proverbs 31 lady was quite the businesswoman.  I would love to follow her footsteps.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Dealing with insecurity

  We all battle insecurity at some level.  For some reason, we all want everyone to like us, and to want to be our friend.  When this doesn't happen we plunge into insecurity, wondering what is wrong with us.  Is it my looks, my humor, my clothes?  Do they not like the way I talk?  What's wrong with me?????

Early in life we are made aware of cliques, especially when we are not a part of one.   Usually people that belong to cliques deny their existence.  You are only fully aware of the clique if you are not a member.  There are cliques in school, and in church, sometimes even in families.

We all survived the exclusion, only to feel it again when we see our kids go through what we went through. Unless, of course, you were in the "in" crowd.  I never was.

What is unsettling about this kind of situation is that there is no real solution.  We cannot force people to like and accept us or our kids. It's so frustrating.  We (I) want to fit in, or at least never feel excluded.  I never want to see my kids left out.

I have come to wonder if cliques are the evidence of insecurity.  We all want to belong, and when we do, we want to make sure that we don't lose our place.  Thus, we have to make sure that others aren't welcome, as that would upset the balance in our little group in which we are now comfortable.  Of course, nobody actually says that. I don't even believe that they think that.  But, that's what the behavior says.   You see, a secure person is a welcoming person.  They are not threatened by anyone else's existence in the group.  They don't have to prove anything.

I cannot change others nor can I shake the nasty feelings of not being liked by those I think ought to like me.  But I can be secure enough to be kind to others.  To not exclude.  You don't have to be everyone's BFF, but at least you can be a friend.  You can say "hi."  You can include someone else in your conversation so that they are not left out.  You can smile. You can rid yourself of your own insecurities long enough to not create them in others.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My two cents...about changing your standards.

 Standards are not a popular topic.  In fact, just using the term can get you labelled as a pharisee and a grace-hater.  Now,  if you don't believe in having standards, then by all means, this post is not written for you or about you, so feel free to ignore this whole post!   Standards have been under attack, and sometimes for good reason.  Somehow, someone got the (wrong) idea that standards made you spiritual.  That is not the case, nor does not having standards make you spiritual. Truth be told, everyone has standards.  Even dress standards.  Everyone I know put on clothes today.  They have a standard. They don't go naked.

  Societal standards about everything have changed radically in my lifetime.  When I was a child, a couple living together, unmarried, was about the worst thing anyone ever talked about. Now it is not only commonplace, but expected in our society.  Our society is not only embracing homosexuality, but pushing for the acceptance of gender fluidity.  What was horribly wrong 30 years ago is now defended by the laws of our land.

 In Christian circles, we boldly speak out against sin in the world.  Then we speak out against worldliness in the church.  Then after a few years, we slowly accept that worldliness, embrace it, and then defend it! All of a sudden, we are doing that which we criticized not all that long ago.

The reason of my post is to say this: whatever standards God has called you to, make sure they are God-given standards that you can biblically defend.  Make sure that you know in your heart that they are standards and not preferences.  Make sure that you are diligent in teaching them to your children, both the "what" and the "why".  Make sure that you will follow them no matter where you are or who you are with.  Because if indeed they are God-given, they you had better not change!  Look around at what you now view as liberal and worldly.  If you are not firm in your beliefs, that is where you or your children will end up.

Sometimes I feel alone in the choices that I have made.  But when I look at where our society is headed, I feel confident in what I believe that God had said.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Perfect love casts out fear.

As I sit here, writing out my Scripture, I am once again reminded of a truth. 1 John 4:18 says, "There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love" 

"Fear hath torment."  What an uncomfortable truth.  I often say that fear is the opposite of faith, and that it true.  But when I say that, it seems that it places all the effort on my part.  "If I can just work up enough faith, then I won't fear."   But that is not the way at all.  Scripture says that love casts out fear.  His love.  He is love. Perfect love. That is how I know that Scripture is referring to his love, and not mine.  His is perfect, mine is not. 

Love and faith go hand-in-hand.   I trust those I love.  Those who I love the most, I trust the most.  What came first, the love or the trust?  Do I love him because I know that I can trust him?  Why do we fear when One so great and powerful is the One who loves us the most?

I think we don't trust Him because we know that bad things still happen.  What we need to know is that nothing gets past him that isn't good for us.  We can trust Him to guide us through the fire, the flood, the temptation.  Where He leads me, I will follow. His love. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Monday, February 8, 2016


I have been thinking lately about how to put my faith to practice, to put it into my reality.  Women face all kinds of daily temptations to worry, fear, anger and frustration.  All of these rob us of our joy, and, more importantly, show us that we are not living by faith.  What does that have to do with faith?  Everything!   If I truly believed that God was in control of everything-like I say I do-I would never be frustrated, because I would know that whatever could cause irritation had been allowed by my all-loving God, on purpose.   Would I dare allow myself to be irritated with God?

Worry and fear are also things that show an utter lack of faith in an all-caring God who sees me and cares for me.

Back to the practical......when I am irritated or worried, I don't realize that I have tensed up, and am not breathing normally.  Obviously, this leads to a lack of oxygen all over my system, and can eventually cause any number of physical problems. When I realize that I am tense, in faith, I can stop, and breathe.  Breathe, knowing that God will take care of me.  Breathe, knowing that he loves me today.  Breathe, because I can trust him.  Just by taking a few deep breaths, I am telling God that I believe him, that I am, once again, relinquishing control.  I will quiet my spirit and trust.