Saturday, December 31, 2016

Want to see some of our past?

This is from my old blog.  I would have kept it, but I can't remember the log-in information!

Next year I am going to paint my windows like I used to.   There in Chile, we had hundreds of people walk in front of my house every day.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Thoughts on the New Year

I kept one of my New Year's resolutions this year, so I thought about making another resolution.  I lost the weight that I intended and more.  My new goal is 15 pounds less in 2017.  But you already knew that.  I have been thinking about stuff and reading articles and watching documentaries about stuff.  I would like to find a realistic resolution about getting rid of, and not acquiring more stuff.

I saw 'The Minimalists" on netflix, and it was completely secular but really pointed out how sadly desperate people are to get more stuff.  It's never enough, and it never fills the void that only Jesus can fill.  That thing that they thought would bring so much joy is now lost in a pile of junk.

On another facet of the issue, you can't organize and clean clutter.  Our homes are often messy and dirty because there is just too much stuff.   We buy stuff that we think we will enjoy, but when it is added to all the junk we already have, it's not as nice as we thought it would be.

We don't want to entertain, because we don't want to have to face the mess.  Well, some of us.  Some of you are really organized.

So, I am just thinking.....about stuff.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Don't want to exercise?

Weight loss without the gym?
  So, I read this article, and I agree with all its advice.  Except for the fact that you need exercise.  Even if you did lose weight, you won't look as good, and you are more likely to gain it back.

There is no magic bullet, but I have found that exercise and diet must go hand in hand.  Exercise also helps with your discipline.  I find that when I am tempted, it is easy to remember that I got up before 6 am to go to the gym.  I am not going to waste that effort!

  There is no shortcut, and there is no pixie dust for weight loss.  There is just hard work.  It is so very much worth it.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


This also applies to spirituality and godliness.  Everyday is a new day, with choices to be made, resolutions to be kept or broken.   I wish I could just coast along and enjoy my weight loss, but I can't.  It's either lose weight or gain weight.  There is no holding point.   I am either headed forward or backward.

This is tiring.  I wish I could give up and give in.   I wish I didn't have to focus on this anymore.  I want/need this to continue to work, so I must keep on.

Keeping up the exercise has been relatively easy.  Mostly because of the fact that my husband and I workout at the same time.  We don't workout together, he does his stuff, I do mine.  But we go together.  Then, my other workout is with friends.

If it were just about the exercise, it would be easy, but it's about the food. I am not a binger.  I am a grazer.  The problem is that bingeing seems really bad and grazing is unnoticeable. Both pack in way too many calories.

I must never, never, never give up.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Why do we gain it back?

  This week in the news, Ali Vincent, one-time winner of the Biggest Loser admitted that she had gained back the weight.  This is not unusual, in fact, quite the opposite.  Many, if not most of us gain it back.  This is a tremendous source of discouragement for those of us in this struggle.

  Why do we gain it back?
1.  We revert to our "normal" behavior.   This means that our changes were temporary. We stuck with the program, any program, as long as we could. Then, as if released from some form of torture, we revert to our original way of life.  We never really made a change that could stick.  Why?

2.  The changes that we made were not realistic or sustainable.  Honestly, we didn't didn't like the diet food.  We didn't like the protein-style burger.  We really didn't want to go to the gym five times a week.  We didn't like that meal-replacement shake. We didn't like measuring our food.  We did all these things to get to a goal, but as soon as that goal was achieved, we reverted to our pre-diet lifestyle.

3.  We didn't deal with the issues that made over-eating a real thing in our lives.  Why did we ever let ourselves get this way?  Don't we have anything better to do than eat? How did food become so important to us?  Didn't we understand that overeating is sinful? Why didn't I care?   Honestly, I don't know that answers to these questions.  I do know this, if I don't figure it out, I will be doomed to regaining the weight eventually and that is a scary thought.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

It's not an easy sight

There is so much to be said about perspective.   When I look at photos from a year ago, I want to die.  How awful!  I look great comparison.  But when I see how I really look now, well, let's just say I still have a long way to go!    I am truly not fishing for compliments although I have received many.  I am just encouraged  and driven to stay focused on keeping on keeping on. 

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Amazingly, still losing

   I am so happy to have stumbled onto a way to lose weight without going insane!  I waited 3 days to see the same result, and now I can officially say that I have lost 31 pounds. Rhonda, are you going to post every time you lose one measly pound?  Why yes, yes I am.  This is huge.

  I have come to a place where diet and exercise are actually working. I am not deprived nor have I been miserable at all.  The only thing that I can say is different this time opposed to all the others (and there were so many) is the commitment to exercise that I have now.  The Weigh Down program, which is the basis for what I do, practically discourages exercise.  Their reasoning is more emotional than physical: they want people to desire to eat less, not exercise so they can eat more. They also want people to know that even if you can't exercise because you are in a wheelchair or something, you can still lose weight.  I understand this, however, I can now see the long-term benefits of a regular exercise routine.

  I want to say that I am proud of what I have done, but honestly, I am just thankful.  Thankful to God for helping me find the way out.