Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Kidding myself

  Dieting takes a great deal of focus.  You have to be vigilant about what you eat all the time.   When you are am at-home mom, you are surrounded by food and food prep a lot of the day.  Sometimes I envy those who go to work and are not tempted at all with food.  Sometime I wish my kitchen had a door I could close off!

   I haven't lost anymore weight, because I think that I have not been honest with myself about how much I am actually eating.  That is a major component of my "diet plan", being able to honestly assess overeating.  Not that I am overeating, I am just not eating less enough to drop the weight.  
Exercise levels are still really good.  

   I didn't want to blog about staying the same weight, but accountability is really important.   One of the most successful weight loss programs is Weight Watchers.  I think that it is because of the group interaction.  I don't know who all is reading this blog, but you are my group.  I will share my successes and my setbacks.  (Notice how I did not use the word "failure"!)

 Some days I am really pleased with my progress, and some days I am bummed about how far I have to go. 

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