Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Trusting God

This is Vanessa, my six-year-old.  Since my other kids are older, and not always around, it's often just me and Vanessa.  Sometimes we have to run to the store (in the van, of course. I don't run) for some little item.  Vanessa will often ask if I am going to leave her in the car.  I have never, ever left her alone in the car.  Ever.  So it is weird that she would ask, and honestly, its slightly insulting.

I guess that's how God must feel when we ask him if he's going to help us with something, or mourn because we feel like he isn't doing anything.  He has never left me alone. Ever.  He has a plan and a time table.  For my own peace of mind, I must not question that. Its insulting to my Father.


  1. Great point! Btw, I think she's new since I saw you. Cute girl!

  2. Yes, I think we didn't have her when we saw you. Boy, that was a long time ago!