Wednesday, August 5, 2015

How can I help stop abortion?

As Christian, as humans, we must believe that abortion is murder.   However, I am concerned.  All this uproar and outrage about selling parts of aborted babies is right and good.  But why now?  Isn't it just as bad to throw them into the trash or incinerator?

What to do?  We can't count on our politicians to do anything about it.  There are not enough real Christians in Congress to even be able to begin a debate about de-funding Planned Parenthood. Does marching in a protest help? It does make our voice heard, but no one is listening.

What can I do?  Volunteer in a pregnancy crisis center.  Want to do even more?  Go soul-winning!  Witness!  Share the gospel!  Get involved in your church's youth ministry.  Help your youth Pastor. Don't have a teen in the group? No problem!  Sponsor teens for camps and events.  Help with the youth group's outreach programs. Reach out to at-risk youth.  Young people who are saved and serving in their church are much less likely to even be in a position to want an abortion.  As someone wise once said, "It better to place a fence at the top of the hill, than an ambulance at the bottom".  

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