Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Our Church

For the past four years, this has been our home, the Spanish church of Tucson Baptist Temple.  My husband, Neil, is the Spanish pastor under Pastor Brent Armstrong.

This ministry has been so different from our missionary work, but very rewarding.  As a missionary, my husband had to do everything, from preaching to maintenance.  Now, there is a whole team of ministers and staff, all working together for the glory of God. I teach a ladies'  Sunday School class, play the piano and teach kid's choir.  Ronnie works in the sound booth, and Vanessa, well, she just looks cute, but doesn't get a lot done!  We miss Eileen, who is a freshman at West Coast Baptist College.  She was such a great help in the church.

Thank you, Lord for allowing us the privilege of serving you!

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