Monday, August 17, 2015

Successful Parenting

What is successful parenting? Well, I guess that depends on what your goals are for your children.  Are you into sports?  Then I guess success means that your child becomes a professional athlete.  Success may mean that your child becomes a lawyer or a doctor.
  What if they don't make it to the Big Leagues?  What if she never becomes a rich doctor or a leading scientist? What if he doesn't fulfill all of your hopes and dreams?  Does that make you a failure as a parent?

What if your idea of success is a healthy child?  There are many American mamas that are obsessed with their child's health.  They tightly control their child's food and activities.  What happens if they should become ill with some horrible disease?  Does that make Mama a failure?

We all want what is best for our children.  We want them to be healthy, wealthy and wise.  We want them to be popular and well-liked.  We want them to be happy.

What I want is for my kids is for them to know that they are loved.  By God and by us, their parents.  They should know that we will try to instill the necessary discipline in them so that they can achieve whatever it is that God has for them, and the wisdom to follow God's will for their lives.

I also want them to know that I like them  I like being with them.  I like watching TV with them.  I love going to Disneyland with them.  There are no other people we would rather spend our time with than them.  We are not perfect parents, and only time will tell if we have been successful, but we love our kids.  If they know that, deep down inside, than I will be a happy mama.

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