Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sad News

I have been in California for the past 4 days, without a lot of internet.  As you can imagine, I was shocked and horrified about Josh Duggar's confession of adultery. Mostly because of the adultery, but disgusted at the hypocrisy brought about by a love of money (in my opinion).  I mean, if a non-believer wants to cheat, he'll cheat.  No one really thinks less of him as a person.  But in Christian circles, adultery is a still a biggie, and quite a disqualifier.   If you can't be faithful, then you can't lead others in a fight for fidelity.  Plain and simple.

Although I have never been a big fan of the show,  my heart breaks for Anna and her children, and for the rest of the family.  I am not very sorry for those who were "in the know" and continued to perpetuate a false image of purity and innocence.

Is purity even attainable?  Is it worth it?  Don't all those wackos who preach purity end up in pornography or worse? Yes, yes, and absolutely not.  God said "Be ye holy".    The problem is when my quest for purity is for my own glory and/or wealth.  My God is a Jealous God and will not share his glory with another. If our motives are not pure, I do not believe that He will help us live in purity, and we can surely not achieve or maintain it on our own.

A man has fallen/jumped into sin.  Thank goodness we follow Christ, and not man.

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