Monday, May 9, 2016

Waiting....until I am really hungry.

One of the main goals of my weight loss program is waiting to eat until I am physically hungry.  You may not "get this", and if you don't, you are probably skinny.  Naturally thin people usually only eat when they are hungry, otherwise, the "forget" to eat.  I have never forgotten to eat in my life. Ever. 

The whole reason for the weight gain is because I repeatedly ate more than I needed and when I wasn't hungry.  Right now, I am not really hungry, per se, but I really want to heat up the leftover Orange Chicken from yesterday.   I won't, but I want to.   This is where the willpower has to factor in.  It's not because I am hungry, because I am not.  I just want it, and that is not a good reason to eat.
  I am not suffering, and I can wait. 

Of course learning to wait until the right time is a big part of life, in so many areas. So many people are in debt because they wanted something right now.  Even if they didn't need it right now.    Some people are in bad relationships because they wanted to be in a relationship right now, instead of waiting for God's leading.   My thing is that I have to wait for is the "green light" of a stomach growl letting me know it's really and truly time to eat.

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