Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Case for slow weight loss

Sometimes when I see or hear about folks who have lost a lot of weight pretty quickly, I get a little jealous and a little frustrated with myself.  I have to remind myself of my original plan; 12 pounds in 12 months.   I know that it seems insignificant but it's not.  Truth is, I have lost more than twice that amount.  I sure am not complaining!  But I am still convinced that slow and steady wins the race.

My reasoning has to do with weight maintenance.  If I go on a strict diet for 6 months, I may lose a lot of weight, but I won't have changed my lifestyle permanently.   You can do anything for 6 months, but after the deprivation and strict control, you just might revert to your old habits.   If you steadily change your habits over a 2 or 3 year period,  it is very likely that you have established the permanent habits that you need to not regain the weight.

That being said, do whatever works for you!  I encourage anyone who is making an effort to become more healthy and fit.    #fittoservehim

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