Monday, October 31, 2016

And here it is......

  30 pounds gone!   In 9 months, I achieved 250% of my original goal for one year.   12 pounds seemed doable.  After years of failure and defeat, I really wanted something doable.  But then the weight came off faster!  Praise God.  Now it has slowed, and I am really Ok with that.

  The sad part is that I am still really overweight, and so my journey continues.  I figure that, without paying any attention to my eating, I gained 5 pounds per year over several years.  There are some of you that are really blessed and your weight does not go up or down. Good for you, but that is not my case.  If I do not stay somewhat focused, I will slowly regain the weight.  So, I am either losing slowly or gaining slowly.  That is the fact that I cannot ignore.  My choice.  Gain or lose.

  New goal-same goal.  1 pound loss per month.  In five years I will be so different!

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