Monday, September 14, 2015

Start with one thing

   I am always so fascinated when I see beautifully organized homes.  I get all excited to read about how they did it, and like a New Year's resolution, I determine that one day soon, my house will look like that.  I am reading now about Marie Kondo's tidying up methods. Fascinating, as usual.

 More often than not, I crash and burn before I start. It's too overwhelming.  We've got too much junk.  My DH is a packrat.  (This excuse is true).   I always have this feeling that I am going to fail miserably, so I don't start.

  Then I remember my Flylady training, and remember to just start with one thing, one change.  This is how we do anything.  For me, maybe it's one drawer.  Today.  
 Who knows what I might be able to accomplish tomorrow?