Saturday, September 12, 2015

My need for a peaceful Sunday

    Sunday at our house is not exactly restful. Since it is the Lord's day, my goal is to make it a great day.  In my dream world, this would include Sunday lunch out at a restaurant.  There are a few factors that make this not as desirable as it would seem.  First, we don't have the budget to eat out at a nice place every Sunday.  Second, since there are larger crowds at restaurants on Sunday afternoon, there is usually a longer wait, which cuts into our customary Sunday nap before choir practice and evening service.
   The reality though, of coming home to make lunch after the morning service is appalling to me.  Everyone is hungry and I don't have the time to make anything good.  So the best option is Saturday night cooking.  This is harder than it sounds because it seems like there is some social event or another going on every Saturday evening.
  Tonight was different.  I was home this evening, and I cooked and cleaned.  All I have to do tomorrow is reheat and serve.  All the cooking mess is done, and loading the dishes into the dishwasher will be a breeze.  The Sunday dinner stress is gone, and the budget has survived to see a new day!   My mom, Flylady and Dave Ramsey would be proud!


  1. Oh, I'm very proud too. I hate having to cook on Sundays. Luckily we're eating leftovers today since we grilled yesterday. Hope you have a lovely and restful Lord's Day.

  2. Lord's Day was awesome! Now, if I could just teach my six-year old to load the dishwasher.......;)
    BTW God greatly bless in Church yesterday.