Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Home like God intended

It's always interesting to me that God created the family in the beginning.  The family is what God designed so that we could grow and thrive. He created the family, and he gave us instructions on how to maintain it.  He made it to be a place of refuge and comfort.  He authorized it to be a place of instruction and correction.

Sin has all but destroyed what God intended for the Home to be.   Generations of selfishness and sinful behavior have defiled what God made on Day 6, and called good. It's so bad, in fact, that we sometimes don't even know what a godly home looks like!

Thankfully, God loves us all enough to teach us in His Word, and through others, and through His Holy Spirit, what Home is supposed to be.  The sad thing is that so many have given up, for whatever reason.  Here's what I know.  God loves us all, and He wants us to have the homelife that He intended.  It may not, and will not be perfect, but the feel and love of Home can be found!

In Titus chapter 2, God commands the older ladies to teach the younger ladies how to be Keepers at home.  It's a big deal to God, and if he wants us to learn about it, then he wants us to do it!  No matter where we are right now, we can start learning to be keepers at home.  Why should we do this?  Well, besides being obedient to God, it blesses us!

My belief is that a Keeper at home is about two things.  The house, and the people in it, and not in that order.  A Keeper at home grows daily in her walk with the Lord.  She educates herself in becoming a godly wife.  She learns how to train her children according to the Scriptures.  She strives for a clean and orderly home.  Step by step, she grows in her ability to cook and feed her family.  She does her best to be a good home economist, being wise with the Family's money.

That seems overwhelming!!!!!!!  Here is the sweet truth.  God does not want me to be overwhelmed!  He says that we are to cast all our cares upon Him, for He cares for us.  God has a plan for helping me be the Keeper at home that He wants me to be that is not overwhelming.
He wants me to start and the He will grow me to be what He wants me to be!

Thank you, God for not expecting perfection from an imperfect being.  Thank you for helping me grow and thrive as a Keeper at home. I love You.

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