Thursday, September 3, 2015

Be honest!

Yes, I am sure that you are probably not a liar. But I am not talking about lying to others, I am talking about being honest with yourself about yourself.   

Its so easy to complain about how I am being treated, about how he is behaving towards me.  We wonder why our spouse/family member is acting that way.  Often, their behaviour has absolutely nothing to do with us, and we need to "let go and let God".    However, many times, they are reacting to us. "I don't know why he/she is acting that way".   Really?   Then the time has come for you to get honest with yourself about you. The Bible says to do unto others as we would have them do unto us.  Don't we want so-and-so to realize what they are doing?  Then we need to do the same!  Scripture also says to pull the beam out of our own eye first.   "Search me, oh God" is something that should be our constant prayer.

Dealing with difficult people in difficult circumstances is made easier when I am in an open and honest relationship with God.   When I can honestly admit to God that I am the one who is critical/nagging/grumpy/demanding/you-name-it, I can do my part to fix the relationship that is suffering.  When I realize things about my life need working on, I can be more patient with the other person who is working on their faults. Maybe he will change and maybe he won't, but I will have changed and my relationship with God will be better for it!


  1. How true!! The older I get the more I am aware of me. I wish I had been aware in years past because I would have saved me and others a lot of anguish by controlling me. Great reminder, thanks!