Sunday, January 8, 2017

Weight loss journey victory!

I had one goal for the end of the year: maintain the 30 pound weight loss.  Not an easy task when you consider what an eating and cooking frenzy Christmas is.  I stopped getting on the scale when Eileen came home.  For 3 weeks I coasted.  I still exercised faithfully, but in all honesty, we ate good and I enjoyed it all.

This morning, I felt like it was time to face the music, pay the piper, to get real.   So I did.  And I was amazed to find out that I did maintain my 30 pound loss during the holidays.  Part of me is jumping up and down like a game show contestant that just one a million dollars.  The other part of me is crumpled on the floor, amazed and grateful to have finally found success in an area where there had only been failure for years.

My take-away?  I am so encouraged to keep on!  15 pounds this year. That is .3 pounds per week.  Anybody can do that!  You might say, "I can do better than that!"  Maybe you can, but maybe you shouldn't.   Maybe if by just taking it slow and steady you can drop another 15.....forever.


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