Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Back on track

Well, it's taken a month, but I am back on track, slowly losing the weight. Yay.  Now I am back to slowly easing down. .2 or .4 of a pound does not seem like a lot, but week after week it adds up to serious weight loss.  I think watching the Biggest Loser is really dangerous because you see the contestants "lose" 5-12 pounds a week.   That is not realistic, healthy or sustainable in any way.  On the flip side, losing .4 of a pound in one week seems practically unnoticeable.  But that is a pound and a half a month which is, as anyone can do the math, 18 pounds in one year.  Anyone can do that!  18 pounds less is awesome.  So I guess that .2 or .4 less every other day or so is a real, long-term triumph. And I am all about triumph!

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