Thursday, February 25, 2016

Still looking

I am still looking for that elusive, work-from-home job.   I tried selling Norwex, which I love.  I tried to sell Disney vacations, which I love.  I am not a good seller of things that I feel are a bit over-priced.   Not that they aren't great, they are. I just can't sell them.

I have an opportunity for a laundry business, but that doesn't really call out to me.  My piano lessons have gone well, but my student's desires have been fluctuating.  I would love to build up this business, but we'll have to see.

I found out this week that Arizona does have a cottage food industry law.  It means that if I register and get a food handler's card, I can make certain items to sell, in my home, without having to have an industrial kitchen. This is really interesting to me, as I have always wanted to do this.  Mom is going to help me refine her apple pie recipe since the law doesn't allow for cream pies.  My mom is a great Pie Cook. I have intentionally avoided pie-making because I always felt I could never reach her level of pie awesomeness. I am also considering making and selling granola, cookies and the like.

So I am praying about it.  Won't have to invest much. That means I can start slow, and if the Lord leads, grow the business.  The Proverbs 31 lady was quite the businesswoman.  I would love to follow her footsteps.

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