Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My two cents...about changing your standards.

 Standards are not a popular topic.  In fact, just using the term can get you labelled as a pharisee and a grace-hater.  Now,  if you don't believe in having standards, then by all means, this post is not written for you or about you, so feel free to ignore this whole post!   Standards have been under attack, and sometimes for good reason.  Somehow, someone got the (wrong) idea that standards made you spiritual.  That is not the case, nor does not having standards make you spiritual. Truth be told, everyone has standards.  Even dress standards.  Everyone I know put on clothes today.  They have a standard. They don't go naked.

  Societal standards about everything have changed radically in my lifetime.  When I was a child, a couple living together, unmarried, was about the worst thing anyone ever talked about. Now it is not only commonplace, but expected in our society.  Our society is not only embracing homosexuality, but pushing for the acceptance of gender fluidity.  What was horribly wrong 30 years ago is now defended by the laws of our land.

 In Christian circles, we boldly speak out against sin in the world.  Then we speak out against worldliness in the church.  Then after a few years, we slowly accept that worldliness, embrace it, and then defend it! All of a sudden, we are doing that which we criticized not all that long ago.

The reason of my post is to say this: whatever standards God has called you to, make sure they are God-given standards that you can biblically defend.  Make sure that you know in your heart that they are standards and not preferences.  Make sure that you are diligent in teaching them to your children, both the "what" and the "why".  Make sure that you will follow them no matter where you are or who you are with.  Because if indeed they are God-given, they you had better not change!  Look around at what you now view as liberal and worldly.  If you are not firm in your beliefs, that is where you or your children will end up.

Sometimes I feel alone in the choices that I have made.  But when I look at where our society is headed, I feel confident in what I believe that God had said.

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