Monday, February 8, 2016


I have been thinking lately about how to put my faith to practice, to put it into my reality.  Women face all kinds of daily temptations to worry, fear, anger and frustration.  All of these rob us of our joy, and, more importantly, show us that we are not living by faith.  What does that have to do with faith?  Everything!   If I truly believed that God was in control of everything-like I say I do-I would never be frustrated, because I would know that whatever could cause irritation had been allowed by my all-loving God, on purpose.   Would I dare allow myself to be irritated with God?

Worry and fear are also things that show an utter lack of faith in an all-caring God who sees me and cares for me.

Back to the practical......when I am irritated or worried, I don't realize that I have tensed up, and am not breathing normally.  Obviously, this leads to a lack of oxygen all over my system, and can eventually cause any number of physical problems. When I realize that I am tense, in faith, I can stop, and breathe.  Breathe, knowing that God will take care of me.  Breathe, knowing that he loves me today.  Breathe, because I can trust him.  Just by taking a few deep breaths, I am telling God that I believe him, that I am, once again, relinquishing control.  I will quiet my spirit and trust.

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