Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Taking care of yourself....physically

 Right before I get into Taking care of yourself... physically,  I want to add one more thing that will keep you from ever being healthy, no matter what you eat or how much you exercise.  Here it is......
Do not bottle up your emotions.  Do not bury or mask your anger, fear, frustration, sadness,  you name it. 

A lot of Christian women believe that they must always put on a happy face and never let anyone see any different.  First of all, that would be a lie.  We aren't always happy.  Sometimes we feel any number of negative emotions.  These are not necessarily wrong or sinful, but they must be dealt with properly .  To bottle up and cover over these emotions is stressful, and living in a stressful state is just setting yourself up for any number of illnesses and conditions.  We become susceptible to migraines and headaches, digestive problems, immune system problems and back pain.  These problems keep us from sleeping well and exercising,  and a vicious cycle begins its destructive downward spiral.  

  Starting with the spiritual,  take care of yourself.   Make sure you are praying, reading, and surrounding yourself with good Bible teaching.  If possible, cultivate friendships that help you spiritually.

  Second, take an inventory of your emotional life.  See what is healthy and identify what has been hurting you and keeping you from living your life as abundantly as God intended. 

 Third, be wise with your health.  Learn to cook and eat a variety of good food.  Exercise regularly.  Take care of your teeth.  I truly believe that if you follow Step One and Step Two, Step Three will be a piece of cake. 


  1. Good post Rhonda. I heard Marlene Evans years ago at a ladies meeting and she said, "Fake it till you make it." I've learned to live by that for the sake of weaker brethren but it's a slippery slope for sure. Just recently I've realized that I've buried a lot of emotions, trying to stay strong and they're coming back to bite me. Anyhoo, great words.

  2. "Fake it to make it" is good, short term, and I believe that. Long term, and you've got troubles.