Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Taking care of yourself.......emotionally. part 2

I think I need to stay on this "emotions" thing just a bit longer.    I've thought about two categories that affect our emotions.  They can also eventually affect your health.

1. Housekeeping
There are two extremes in housekeeping.  One is homemaking perfection.  I know several homemakers like this and they are a wreck emotionally.  Everything has to be in place.   Children are a bother, and must be tightly controlled so that they don't make a mess.  Visitors are seen and treated as an intrusion.   This is not healthy nor helpful for a woman who wants to serve the Lord.  This is Martha to the extreme.  Your home, whatever it is, it a tool in the Master's hand. It's going to get dirty, and messy.  What you want, as a servant of the Most High, is for your family and others to feel comfortable and welcome in your home.  Trust me, you can clean up later.

There is a certain pride in having a magazine-worthy house.  But, as we know, pride is dangerous!   There is also insecurity in the thought of not being perfect.   You don't need to be perfect!  He is perfect.  Using your hospitality to serve is a must, and you can't allow your emotions, pride and insecurity, to keep you from it!

The other extreme is a lack of housekeeping.  This can and will keep you from serving God with your hospitality.  This can also affect your health and your family's health.  You have a hard time cooking creatively in a mess.  A messy house is not a peaceful house.  We eat and sleep better when we are at peace. I have seen children  embarrassed by the condition of their homes.  It's depressing to walk into a messy, dirty home.  It may be part of a vicious cycle.  You're depressed, so you don't clean your house, and then your house isn't clean, so you are depressed.

So many homemakers today were not trained by their mothers, as they were in past generations.  Homemaking skills were learned from Mother, who learned from her mother, who learned from her mother.  Since so many mamas have had to join the workforce, homemaking skills have not flourished.   We are overwhelmed by the mess, and can't see our way out.  

There are dozens of good housekeeping systems and helps.  The very best one is.......the one that works for you!  Find the one that makes sense to you, and dive in.   Personally, I love Flylady.  I don't even follow here system exactly, but I truly like her homemaking philosophy.

No matter where you are now, in a dorm, apartment, trailer or mansion, you can be a better homemaker.  For God's glory, and your peace and good health.

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