Saturday, November 28, 2015

Our Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving season started with the Thanksgiving Dinner at church on Saturday.  This is our 5th Dinner, and each year it grows.  We try to have a traditional turkey dinner with the trimmings, and we decorate.  Well, I don't decorate, we have a team for that.  I did carve 10 turkeys. (Never Again)(Ever)  It turned out as good as a turkey dinner for 180 people can.  
Everyone seemed to like it.  

So, when that is over, I don't feel compelled to cook a big Thanksgiving dinner at home.
This year was different, though.  Eileen is off at school and they had her scheduled to work over the holiday weekend.   For weeks she and I planned a surprise visit.  She managed to get Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday and Thursday off.  I can't believe we pulled it off, but she managed to get into the house on Tuesday night and give her dad the surprise of his life!   He kept staring at her in disbelief.  Then he started crying.  It was all she ever hoped for in a surprise. 

After all that emotion, and the hard work of the previous weekend, we decided to take it easy.  No big mess, ham instead of turkey, no homemade rolls or pie. We did get out Grandma's china, and the table looked really good.  Most importantly, we were thankful.  Thankful to be together.  We spent the evening putting up Christmas decoration, per Eileen's request. 

Eileen left on Friday morning.  Ronnie went to work.  Neil worked in yard, and I finished with decorating.  We ate leftovers.  It's been a great Thanksgiving weekend. 

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