Thursday, July 30, 2015

What I have been teaching

I have a ladies' Bible class that I teach on Sunday mornings.  I love teaching Bible classes.  The best part is that I am teaching many women who did not grow up in Sunday School.  Why is that good?  Because I get to be the one to teach them the stories of the Bible.  Sure, most of them have heard about many characters in the Bible, but most couldn't tell me the stories.  So it has been a blast, being a story-teller along with teacher.  We had the most fun with the stories from the book of Esther.  I read the story straight from Scripture, and then dramatize bits and pieces.

Last week, we started the book of Nehemiah.   I love the book of Nehemiah! My mother first taught-shared with me about Nehemiah. There is so much to learn for our lives today.  Last month, at Spiritual Leadership Conference, R.B Ouellette preached on Nehemiah, and it was so good.  So, I am pumped about sharing this with my ladies!

What is interesting to me about what I love or what I think is interesting is that it seems as much related to the teacher as to the subject.  If you have a teacher that is excited and passionate about algebra, anyone can learn to like algebra.  That is the kind of teacher that I always want to be.  One that is truly excited about sharing life-changing truth from God's word.  Nothing phony, nothing bland.  I want to be able to shine the necessary light on so that God's words show in all their glory.

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