Friday, July 31, 2015

"How to change the whole look of your house, for free!"

I just read that title on one of my favorite blogs, Money Saving Mom.  I didn't read the post, but I got to thinking about the title.

My mom is trying to sell her house.  In preparation for that, they have cleaned, fixed, decluttered and painted.  They have also "staged" the house for the pictures that will go on the Realtor's website.  I asked her if she was having second thoughts about selling, now that the house is cleaned, fixed, decluttered and painted.  She ruefully said yes.   Its not that she doesn't want to sell her house, its just that it looks really good now.  I know the feeling.  We fix up our house or car to please someone else.  Why didn't we do it for ourselves?  Don't we deserve to live in a beautiful environment?  I am trying to keep the house clean and neat, not for anyone else, but for me and my family.  I owe it to us to make our home as beautiful as I can.  Its our home, and its where we live.

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