Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My Bloggy intentions

Why do I blog?  Well, sometimes its just nice to express yourself.  However, since blogs eventually get read by someone, I should have a plan of sorts.

My Goals

1. To encourage Christian women in their walk with the Lord and their ministry to their families.

2. To encourage non-believers to get to know Christ.

My desire is that this would be a place to find biblical encouragement and practical ideas for life.  I did an online test yesterday.  It says that I am type-A.  I find that hard to believe since most type-A's out there seem to have it all together and they seem to prosper.  I feel like I do a lot of stuff but I am not great at anything.  I am not trying to be self-deprecating, but I often feel jealous of people who are really good at stuff.  I don't have any particularly marketable skills.  That being said, I am an eternal optimist, trying my hand at different things and being open to learn a variety of skills.  I don't mind failing, and I don't mind not being perfect.  I may be featured in the Pinterest "Fails" but I am sure I had a lot of fun trying!

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