Tuesday, December 13, 2016


This also applies to spirituality and godliness.  Everyday is a new day, with choices to be made, resolutions to be kept or broken.   I wish I could just coast along and enjoy my weight loss, but I can't.  It's either lose weight or gain weight.  There is no holding point.   I am either headed forward or backward.

This is tiring.  I wish I could give up and give in.   I wish I didn't have to focus on this anymore.  I want/need this to continue to work, so I must keep on.

Keeping up the exercise has been relatively easy.  Mostly because of the fact that my husband and I workout at the same time.  We don't workout together, he does his stuff, I do mine.  But we go together.  Then, my other workout is with friends.

If it were just about the exercise, it would be easy, but it's about the food. I am not a binger.  I am a grazer.  The problem is that bingeing seems really bad and grazing is unnoticeable. Both pack in way too many calories.

I must never, never, never give up.

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