Friday, December 30, 2016

Thoughts on the New Year

I kept one of my New Year's resolutions this year, so I thought about making another resolution.  I lost the weight that I intended and more.  My new goal is 15 pounds less in 2017.  But you already knew that.  I have been thinking about stuff and reading articles and watching documentaries about stuff.  I would like to find a realistic resolution about getting rid of, and not acquiring more stuff.

I saw 'The Minimalists" on netflix, and it was completely secular but really pointed out how sadly desperate people are to get more stuff.  It's never enough, and it never fills the void that only Jesus can fill.  That thing that they thought would bring so much joy is now lost in a pile of junk.

On another facet of the issue, you can't organize and clean clutter.  Our homes are often messy and dirty because there is just too much stuff.   We buy stuff that we think we will enjoy, but when it is added to all the junk we already have, it's not as nice as we thought it would be.

We don't want to entertain, because we don't want to have to face the mess.  Well, some of us.  Some of you are really organized.

So, I am just thinking.....about stuff.

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