Saturday, February 11, 2017

Setting the reset button

  December was good.  January, not so good for the diet.  Willful overeating happened, and there are consequences to deal with. I am almost back to where I was, and it has been difficult to regain focus.

  I have been following a gal on FB who lost 100 pounds, and then last year had surgery to remove all the excess skin.  She weighs in faithfully on FB every week, and even she has gained 6 pounds.  She is working on it.  You'd think that after 100 pounds and a huge surgery, she would have enough willpower to never gain an ounce.  I am not criticizing, I am empathizing.  It is never easy.  The lure of eating just to eat is always there, and opportunities are on every corner.  Will I ever get to the point of not being tempted to overeat?  Probably not. Christmases and trips, guests and family fun will always be a part of my life, and food is always present, usually front and center.

   I also believe that relapsing into bad behaviour is the same for everyone, no matter what your bad behaviour is. Pushing the "reset" button is necessary every time you feel yourself losing focus and reverting to destructive and/or sinful behaviour. The temptation is to say "Well, I have messed up this far, might as well go all the way!"   That is a lie from satan himself.

   Thanks be to God for the daily mercies I call the "reset" button.

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