Friday, September 16, 2016

Progress and goals

I have been stuck on the same number for the past 4 days.  26.5 pounds lost.  First off, yay!  That is so great for me!  Second, I'm (temporarily) stuck. That is no fun.  It almost takes out the fun of 26.5.    So, I am going to take my very good advice that I always give everyone else, and look on the positive side of things.  Since February 1, I have lost over 26 pounds.  Since August 16, 1.2 pounds.  Not great, but definitely in the right direction.

I have developed a new goal for the rest of the year.  I would like to reach the 30 pound mark before my trip to Israel in November. That is not a new goal.  What is new is that I would like to maintain the 30 pound loss until the end of the year.  Why not try to lose more? Um, Christmas?   The first real challenge for the overweight person is to lose the weight.  This is hard.  The second challenge for that person is to keep off the weight that they lost.   This could be harder than the first.   Starting in November and all the way to New Year's is one big, happy, delicious social event, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Therefore, the challenge is to enjoy the holidays without going overboard.  The challenge is to practice moderation. The whole reason I gained the weight in the first place is because I did not practice moderation.   For those of you whose weight does not fluctuate, I envy you. For the rest of us, the ability to maintain our weight is vital.

How do I know that maintaining my weight will be hard?  Because I am already craving the chocolate mousse that I make for Thanksgiving.  Yikes!


  1. Really love how you do fitness. So encouraging. Have you had some training? I'm curious about starting up some things with my warrior group but feel I should have the training first. Congrats on your loss ��

  2. Oooh, a comment!! Thanks! Training, in what way? A lady in our church is a trainer, and I work with her in a small group on Mondays. The other two days I go to the gym with DH, and do cardio.

    I have struggled so much with my weight all my life that I have accumulated a lot if information about weight loss. Don't know how much of it is true since "facts" seem to change all the time. :)