Tuesday, November 29, 2016

An After-Thanksgiving recap

I did pretty well in Israel.  We were super busy and active.  Thanksgiving.....not so much.  I will tell you that it is hard to eat less when your mom is visiting.   We made a bunch of things, all good I should tell you.  

There are differing views on how to handle holidays if you are trying to lose weight.  One is to modify recipes to make them lower in calories.  That is not for me.   I like the good stuff.   You cannot convince me that mashed cauliflower and mashed potatoes are the same.    The other view is to eat the same, but less.   The last is to just overeat, and deal with the consequences later.   I have to admit that I was between #2 and #3.   I have 1.4 pounds to reckon with. All in all, it doesn't seem too bad.  My goal is to maintain until the new year.

I don't really view overeating at a holiday meal as something that is so bad.  What is bad is continuing the undesirable behaviour days after the holiday.  What we did was that we planned on leftovers so that we could enjoy the feast for two days rather than just pigging out on the first day. 

Honestly, I enjoyed the food but I felt rather sluggish.  I still need to find that stopping point, regardless of how delicious everything is!

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