Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Vacation is over!

So basically I ate my way around northern Arkansas and Missouri.   Mom, Sharon and I ate at the Rowdy Beaver.  They shared the rib eye, and I had the BBQ nachos.  Words cannot adequately describe these amazing nachos!

 The next day we had a breakfast buffet in the main dining room of the Crescent Hotel.  Look it up!  It's a fascinating place and breakfast was awesome.
I also got to go to a church potluck, and hear the bluegrass band rehearse.  Love me some potluck!
That just set the stage for 7 great days of vacation which included the Great Passion Play, camping on beautiful Table Rock lake, and Moses at Sight and Sound.  That was after a fabulous lunch at the Chateau on the Lake.

Now I must pay the piper.  Here are some thoughts.  Daily weighing is a must.  Daily.  Also, a full-length mirror is a great tool and motivator.

I have make-up work to do, but I regret nothing!!!!!!!!!  Thanks to Mom, and Harold and Sharon!

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