Thursday, April 14, 2016


It is an ugly word.  Shame.  Sad thing is that it used to mean something and now it means something quite different.  The dictionary says that shame is a painful feeling of humiliation or distress, caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behaviour.  Now, no one wants to feel shame for anything.

Now, people no longer want to feel shame over their (bad) choices.  They want to flaunt their sin. We don't want anyone to say anything that will make us feel uncomfortable.  But I say that shame, like guilt can be a God-given tool that should lead us to repentance.

Now, it is not my job to shame anyone but myself.  Well, maybe my kids.  Remember when parents used to say, "Shame on you!"  It was a call to change immediately.  You didn't want to be a shame to yourself or anyone.

The first step in letting go of sin is to realize that your behaviour is in fact, shameful.  You should feel awful. Ashamed.  The second is to realize that Jesus paid the price of your sin and He will take away your shame if you ask.  Grace.

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