Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Are they kidding?

I am amazed sometimes at what people believe.  Not just that, I am amazed at what people believe that they say they learned at church and from the Bible.  I wonder, were they really reading the Bible?  Did their pastor teach the Word, or his own spin on it?  I feel so sorry for people who lack discernment and can't see that they are being taught falsehoods.

I think that most church-going people think of church as an all-you-can-eat buffet, where they go once a week.  Then they complain about "Not being fed" by the church.

News Flash!!!!!!   Feed yourself.  Get out your Bible and read it.  For yourself.  Pray, ask God for wisdom.  The Holy Spirit will guide you to the truth.  Then, when you go to church (and you will go to church) you can sit there and listen intently and participate. You will not only be fed more, you will be in a position to help feed others.  If you are in a church that does not have biblical doctrine and/or practices, you will know it.   If you belong to a solid, Bible-preaching church, you will have a new appreciation for it, and your pastor.  Then you will thank God, not for the church where you are fed, but for the church where you have the privilege to serve.

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